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Webster defines "Genealogy" as "the study of family pedigrees". If I were to define it, it would be something like "endless hours on the internet and at the library looking at old books and records to locate one's ancestors."

Oh, but what a rush when you at last find a long lost relative!

Interest in discovering my family history dates back more that 30 years. My first attempt at family research was my grandfather Tenney's line. On my first visit to the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne I discovered a book on Thomas Tenney of Rowley, MA. I thought, would it not be great if one of my family lines went back to a published genealogy? Well, would you believe that within my first week of researching (with the great discovery of a very old Bible in the family) I had made the connection from my third greatgrandfather to that genealogy book. You can imagine that from that great beginning, I have maintained an interest in tracing other lines. My original goal and the one that remains today is to attempt to trace all the lines back to the emigrant ancestor.

For years I have been attempting to locate information on my ggg grandfather, Simon Gates. The first I found him he was in Union Co., Ohio. Nothing could be found before that. Recently through the internet and much library research we located him in Allegany Co., and before that in Bolton, NY. Finally we located information on his family and through Bible records have been able to trace him back to his emigrant ancestors. This covered, in all, over 25 years but it illustrates that if you persevere, there is a good likelihood that you will succeed.

With the advent of the internet the world of genealogy has blossomed. Now it is possible to obtain information that others have spent years researching. This website is an attempt in some way to repay others by making our research available. It is hoped that others will find information on the site that will help them find a long sought ancestor.

This site is new and will never be complete. We hope you will enjoy the material and find it useful.

Diana G. R.

The information posted in the family histories on this web site is based on our research and that of "cousins". It was conducted using many sources including the internet. We cannot vouch for the absolute accuracy of every fact. If you have documented variations, corrections or additions to make the site more accurate and complete, please contact us.
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